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Potential OTTAWA MODELS seeking FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO sessions are encouraged to visit the studio for a consultation prior to their PHOTO SHOOT to discuss details regarding PORTFOLIO/MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY. Details including clothing, hair style, make up selection and background can be finalized prior to their actual fashion photography session. Models have the option of being photographed in my OTTAWA COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, or elect for on location photography in the city, achieving two distinctively different looks to the imagery. Several studio backdrops are available for clients to make their selection from, however plain paper is commonly recommended and is often most effective.

*** Professional OTTAWA FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Jeff Ryan, was previously featured on the CTV TELEVISION program “REGIONAL CONTACT”, while photographing a model from OTTAWA FASHION DESIGN/COUTURE “RICHARD ROBINSON STUDIO Of FASHION/DESIGN”.

For models seeking to incorporate “CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE HOLLYWOOD STYLE PHOTOGRAPHS/IMAGERY” into their portfolio, this professional service is exclusively created on your behalf.  Using vintage studio lighting, large format cameras, and traditional custom BLACK AND WHITE WET DARKROOM systems characteristic of that period, you will be recorded theatrically into a time where glamour ruled. These fashion portrait sessions are deliberately “slow paced” so much attention can be allotted for effective posing and lighting techniques.  

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