Ottawa Wet Darkroom Photographer/Printer

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Ottawa/Kanata Photography/Black And White Darkroom Printer

Traditional hand printed black and white photographs/wall art portraits on high quality fibre based print materials are available to my clients. These portraits are printed exclusively by hand and receive meticulous attention to detail. Double fixation baths and if required, selenium toning procedures make these images true to the recognition and title  of “authentic archival photographs”. Extensive testing procedures are required to determine the correct exposures to be placed in the various areas of the portrait. These photographs are custom printed using cold light enlarging systems with renowned contrast control and wide ranging tonality.  Split printing techniques are implemented when required providing even greater control to the finished photograph.  Photographs printed exclusively by hand include the services of developing, fixing, washing, trimming,  plus, archival dry mounting products are incorporated into these high end gallery quality images.

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