(Article by Ottawa West/Kanata Wedding/Portrait Photographer, Jeff Ryan Photography/Ryan Portrait Imaging Studio).

To the ladies and gentleman who follow my columns or otherwise, is it not time to remove the excessive strains of your current lifestyle which you are willingly placing upon yourselves? How “many” of my students and people from all walks of life recruit unnecessary tasks denying them the pleasures of life by self inflicted regrettable choices they are making. Whether conversing with clients in my Ottawa/Kanata portrait studio or social events, there is a mindset of today (2018) to react immediately upon request to situations, but this should not be so. Most would agree in saying that to do anything of quality means an investment of time must be allotted to ensure satisfaction of either a job well done or securing meaningful conversations at length for the benefit of all.

My beliefs are steadfast in that you should alter your current lifestyle to one that is giving you permission to reduce your anxieties by limiting your tasks. In so doing, you will ultimately recognize improvement in judgement, recognize the completion of goals and begin to develop an appreciation of life in it’s fullest sense. I am frequently encouraging my students to allow excessive amounts of time if required in visual design, prior to depressing the shutter mechanism of their cameras. Without doubt, reducing your current fast paced lifestyle and removing burdens from your reality promotes personal growth at escalated levels. An absolute rebirth of your conscience and subconscious mind will occur providing you with a broader mindset in dealing with circumstantial difficulties which hopefully, only occasionally prevail.

As a one time person of youth, a parent frequently governs the commitments of activity that a child endures. As adults, we seem often to heavily tax our schedules with limitless socially planned events almost suggesting the need of personal recruitment from alternate sources to guide one to areas of tranquility. I wish to encourage the reader to quietly disassociate themselves when possible from others and analyze their current calendar of obligatory commitments. Afterwards, one views the perspective of life and it’s endless merits on alternate levels when given the time to invest in themselves. One’s relationships with others gain new properties of respect and gratification when these previously appeared absent at times.

Consider yourself humbly when involved in a task and interruption occurs followed by additional concerns from others deviating you from your initial engagement. Not only does an individual have limited time to direct themselves to the completion of the initial task; now the commencement of alternate assignments occur seeing the accurate completion of none. I am hoping the reader will benefit from these writings to secure a more well rounded course of lifestyle bringing greater happiness to all involved. Know that it is absolutely fine to say “NO” when you have enough on your plate to contend with. It is not a representation of selfish behaviour. It is informing others politely that you simply cannot accommodate their requests at this time. This will unquestionably promote personal growth and achieve contentment seldom found elsewhere.

It is these thoughts/experiences I have played witness to over several years, which optimistically will reach many, causing you to make adjustments in your life’s journey to a more peaceful existence. Many of my students and clients, very overwhelmed at times, who participate in my nature photography workshops/fieldtrips, seem overly accelerated during the image making process, clearly denying themselves of their given talents. This is an unfortunate occurrence of learned behaviour from others, and a person need not subscribe to these abbreviations of limited faculty.

Consider deeply before the conclusion of your journey on earth, that the mental capacities of image travelers, persons generally of fortitude, recognize new territories of experience while being handcuffed by many but never restrained by the few. Create intentional moments of pleasure and not pain at your side, and triumph will be the keys of paradise to your new beginnings.

With My Good Wishes…..Jeff Ryan/Ryan Studio, West Ottawa/Kanata Photographer.


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