As an Ottawa photographer, the responsibilities of owning and running a professional business are many as one can imagine however, the aspect of storing and archiving my reprint materials over a period of 40 years, have on more than one occasion been a benefit to clients. Recently, I was contacted by two former clients under duress who I was affiliated with approximately twenty years ago requesting photographic material from their previous portrait sessions.

Regrettably, the situations pertaining to their requests were affiliated with illness in their families and the sense of urgency in one instance was paramount. I was pleased to inform each of them that their original material was in fact archived, and fully accessible to them at this time. This is when a photographic business owner has to be extremely well organized. Both of my clients elected to meet with me in my portrait studio, and after reviewing the originals requested of me that an immediate print run be created since these photographs were to be used as memorial imagery. Apparently, their loved one’s life expectancy was unfortunately very brief at this time and a quick response on my behalf was urgent. For business owners that do not incorporate this level of organization in their files, nothing less than hardship will occur for both the photographer but more importantly, their client who is naturally in a state of complete emotional distress.

Humbly stated at this time, having an excellent relationship established with my professional connections/laboratories in particular is a blessing when circumstances of this nature arise. Contacting my lab and explaining the awkwardness of the situation placed me as top priority and I was delighted to have had the privilege of delivering the requested professionally reprinted portraits within 24 hours of the clients initial request. This is of course exceptional work on behalf of lab technicians who understand fully ones predicament when circumstances such as this prevail.

As it would be, weeks following this troubled event lead to another chance meeting with one of the clients whom I created this work for, and she indicated that the photograph I produced was admired by all who saw it as a wonderful memento of the lady whom they once dearly cherished.

This incident which has occurred on other occasions in my career frequently makes me relate to the numerous others who arise, begin their day of hopefully meaningful work without fully realizing the impact of their presence upon others. How many people proceed through life daily without recognizing that their actions, thoughts, and words are beneficially interpreted by others on numerous levels, and should not be elucidated as shortcomings. The fulfillment and contributions of your being on life’s path is often hidden for those who unfortunately do not pursue thought and interpretation on different levels.

In closing…..the recognition of self and the accredited gifts one attains are not fortuitous, and they, as are many, conclusive, and need be distributed across the land like a prayer shawl encompassing all and knowing the amplitude of time.

With Good Wishes,

Jeff Ryan Photography/Ryan Studio Ottawa, Ontario. 2017

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