Article by West Ottawa Board Of Trade/Kanata Professional photographer, Jeff Ryan/Ryan Photography Portrait Studio.February 2018

Rising early to a snow field moonscape of apparent absenteeism, my eyes connected with shadows of revelation, directing wonderful emotions of tranquility. An initial visual stillness, then, sliding down subtly lighted lines of trees stripped of their essence from autumns inevitable conclusion, lay temporarily dormant upon my arrival.

The curtains of shadows were not drawn so closely that one could not recognize lands drawn from elsewhere being presented before me. Reaching the end of the slightest shadow concluded that while one journey ended, another was commencing with cascading aspirations similar to holy sisters, murmuring exuberant rosary prayers in temples of solitude. Photographic matter in a visual sense is altered frequently, representing a theme of continuity to the sensitivity of an artist.

I was blessed as my eyes solely graced the virgin moguls snow field, untouched by others as I quietly claimed ownership of my silent domain. Representing no visitors with the exception of the shadows of many from past that were waiting, silently attentive to my needs. The drapery of a singular shadow hung softly over another similar to waves, meeting their shoreline with musically tuned voices in crescendos of tonality. The moons light now extending further embraced the landscape during my visit, holding it closely as a child in a mother’s arms. Fortuitous visual progression photographically is comprehended on the other side of your lens. Your minds eye of division. How wonderful it is to photograph humbly, and enter that world of countless spiritual journeys.

After Thought

Being on one occasion, a lonely visual witness to the subtlety of memorial candles solidifying before me, was a clear indication of one’s passing, and as such, a new birth of altered photographic matter subjected to criteria of meaning. This, so comparable to the white terrain of snow fields affiliated with complete mental absorption, indicated a specific transitory of each which is unavoidable regardless of structure compelling acceptant design.

Always consider that “the camera points in two directions during the image making process…… one opposite and away from you, and the other exclusively at yourself”. There is never a possibility of running from self as an artist in life.

With My Good Wishes…..Jeff Ryan Photography/Ryan Imaging Studio, West Ottawa/Kanata Portrait Photographer.


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