THE FAMILY PORTRAIT—A REQUIEM OF INTEGRITY—Written by Ottawa Photographer, Jeff Ryan/Ryan Photography Studio.

As a family photographer and instructor of visual design in Ottawa, my tasks over a 40 year career have understandably been extensive, and one area of my work in particular deemed truly compelling is the creation of the family portrait. This is in my opinion, one of the most meaningful areas of portraiture my professional photographic studio is capable of delivering to the public.

The privilege of creating historical documents of the people in today as they journey towards their chosen destinies is a gift of replenishment to my soul. As I am an individual of detail, and a photographer/researcher of philosophical/historical documents; I have visited the National Archives Of Canada under special arrangement often, reviewing their materials of history pertaining to photographic genre of previous generations in my city. Categorizing for personal reasons many of the events, families, and structures of Ottawa in yesteryear, becomes a statement of affirmation on my behalf and concludes my testimony regarding the significance of family records in photographic history.

To elaborate…. as a young person, the recollection of memory and hard copy imagery pertaining to brothers, sisters, cousins and friends sitting on the laps of grandparents, anxious to receive endless amounts of knowledge from those “in the know” are understandably, memories of a very distant past. Alternately, has one ever truly recognized the valuable investment of self that an adult of credibility undertakes when shaping the minds of the beautiful young? Uncontaminated cherubs of purity, absorbing information like spiritual blotters directing the actions and experienced talents of the learned above. Catalogues and flyers arriving at our house weekly showcased this style of imagery developing guidance, trust, and assurance of parents concerned. Photographic imagery of yesteryear reaches no set boundaries when referring to its level of importance for up coming generations. How many times have I and perhaps yourself collected old family photo albums making reference to people of relevance who have been embedded in our memories. The significance of the family portrait is undeniably too important a subject to leave unattended.

Please contact the studio to schedule your family portrait session. Many in studio specials are featured throughout the year in my commercial portrait studio.

Thank You.

Ottawa/Kanata Photographer, Jeff Ryan/Ryan Studio, Ont.

“An Inspirational Deviation Of Thought Pertaining To The Rejuvenation Of Self In The Family Unit”:

It has been known to me lately from the conversations of many, expressing endless troubled concerns, finding themselves in this “unnecessarily hurried society” which we are a member of; now indirectly experiencing negative repercussions of self. This undoubtedly, is a learned behavioral pattern. For the benefit of those subscribing to these thoughts, I will limitedly comment on this with the hopes that there will be an acceptable understanding of this most unacceptable attitude which permeate many, and should be admonished by all.

Time is fleeting for all participants of our natural existence. This is a common denominator woven into each step of our days. It takes a tremendous amount of “misguided energy” to consistently direct one’s thoughts into plateaus of little reimbursement. At this moment, a person must develop an awareness of their contributions to the many lives they have touched over the years reinstating their apparent questionable existence and credibility.


It should be recognized by all members of society that when life appears to be leading you towards areas preventing you from fulfilling your ability to grasp opportunities of stability accompanied with intuitive moments of moral indulgence; it is beneficial to reevaluate your presence in life and true purpose of your place in the family unit and elsewhere. The family in today’s society is sadly becoming bisected prematurely, disembarking on excessive distractions, enveloping people’s thoughts and redirecting their priorities in life. The allocation of seclusion to redirect one’s goals and secure a sense of tranquility are not selfish tasks, but one that will bring a newly developed mental outlook, and freshness to your very existence. Options in patterns of daily life are “always available” to solicit moments of reverence which orchestrate a new birth in self replenishing your worthiness.

An individual of growth must abort beliefs of subscribed behavioural patterns and walk with newness upon the “Surface Of The Clouds”. Change Your Thoughts And Change Your Life. You will find your existence within the family unit verified as substantial and not to be questioned or devalued in any realm. Remember…. there is only one of you in the world we know of today. Does not that prove the inestimable wealth in the value of self?

The family unit being a most relevant factor secures bonds and emotional ties “challenged elsewhere” only in a fictitious reality. Depth of purpose, followed by unilateral ties of meaning, administer immeasurable strengths deemed inseparable as you develop characteristics of self and respect for others. This is not a writing of comparison. The greatest minds have debated and challenged these statements for centuries. Your family is your spirit and assurance of vocation. Creating meaningful portraiture of family members whose presence cannot be disregarded and is well recognized in our time, evoke levels of true grounded un-objectionable intent regarding the significance “of one”.

Capitulation to strengthen the family unit and have it recorded visually for posterity sake should not be an area of abandonment.

Know That………”In The Eyes Of A Child You Will See”.

With Good Wishes…..Jeff Ryan, Ottawa Photographer/Ryan Studio, Ont. 2017


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