Nature Photography Field Trips

Professional photographer/instructor Jeff Ryan is hosting a series of nature photography field trips, available to anyone interested in improving their photography and camera-handling techniques. To fully accommodate those interested in participating, course dates fluctuate on weeekends depending upon the number of individuals enrolled in each class.

One-day field trips provide students with a practical ‘hands on’ approach, giving participants a greater understanding of how to create imagery with increased visual impact. The course’s emphasis is not on equipment, but on visual design and improved composition. Time will be allotted for discussions regarding the technical aspect of photography, to benefit those with less knowledge regarding f-stops, shutter speeds, proper evaluation of light-metering techniques, etc. This technical discussion is designed to simplify matters and lead students to a greater understanding of how to use their camera with confidence and predictability. Using your camera and lenses as design tools will also be discussed during the day.

Equipment suggestions: a good solid tripod, rain gear and most importantly, a camera that is simple to operate, preferably one that has both manual and automatic exposure control systems. My personal preference is the usage of film cameras because they offer greater levels of consistency in the image-making process. A specific location in the Ottawa area will be chosen for each scheduled field trip. Students will be notified of this shooting destination/locale at least one week prior to the class.

Field trips generally last a maximum of 8 hours, allowing me to cater to all individuals needs. Each student will have an opportunity to discuss their particular photographic concerns with me during the day. I make a habit of visiting students frequently, spending an allotted amount of time addressing their camera difficulties, techniques on visual design or general image-making problems they are experiencing.

While the field trips are designed to provide education for all individuals, they also incorporate a light-hearted atmosphere making learning an enjoyable experience. Field trips occur rain or shine on the scheduled day.

Professional photographer Jeff Ryan has provided photographic instructional programs to novices and advanced amateurs for a period of twelve years. The cost of the one-day field trip is $60 per student, and is payable by cash or cheque prior to the day of the actual outing. Should students wish to have their work evaluated at a later date, we commonly meet at my studio to view a select/limited number of their images taken from the field trip. The cost for evaluation of each student’s work is $15.

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